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Green for over 30 years!
The most advanced hand scrub ever developed!
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  • Non-Toxic
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Biodegradable
Mean Green Power Hand Scrub led the way over thirty years ago with no solvents or harsh chemicals.
­­­­­­­­­ ­­Welcome to the online h­ome of Mean Green Power Hand Scrub and the entire line of Mean Green products for industry, hom­e and office! ­
MEAN GREEN Power Hand Scrub
is what made us Famous!


Representing Phoenix Industries, Inc., manufacturers and distributors of a complete line of hand cleaners for industrial and office use­s, the best cleaner-degreaser av­ailable for use in industry, office or home, the single most effective holding tank treatment and deodorizer for RV's, marina's and campgrounds and other associated products.

MEAN … your one-stop source.


Canadian customers please contact Mean Green of Canada:

If you have a shop, and you'd like to try a sample, email me at  or call me direct at (817) 458-9194, and tell me how many folks you have that are looking to try the best hand cleaner on the market. I'll get a 2oz sample in the mail to you right away.

If you found this site by way of a freebie website that finds free samples for households, I invite you to order a small personal-use size from our shopping cart. We are a small company of eight people. We make this stuff by hand every day and ship it out fresh. The postage alone on the thousands of sample requests we get from those places would put us out of business.